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Maroqqo Website Snapshot

MAROQQO is a Berlin based independend digital media production and post production headquarter containing and serving departments like the film production MAURSEGLER, the music production SLO'JAM and many more inside of a media network. It has been mainly founded for the additional visual FX, artwork and coorperate design of MAURSEGLER film campaigns. But it also cooperates with third party clients and has a wide sphere of actions, from film & foto artwork over web design to sound design and compositing and film editing.

MAROQQO main fields are:

Graphic Design
Digital Postproducton
Programming for Webapplications & Postproduction Extensions
Film Editing
Compositing, Titling, Color Grading
Visual Campaigns & Development

Well, give the wine some time. We did so much over the last years, that it is hard to filter out some to show up but ... We will collect it all for your infallible eyes and ears, and we'll put up here some tasty tidbits in the next weeks. Snapshots of websites, foto artwork examples, filmsnippets, typographical examples, graphic designs and many more. And we would like to share also some hints and experiences we made for all who would like to do some stuff for thierself, because we all have started the way by finding hints somewhere else. So stay tuned and come back regulary. We will definitely have something new for you next time. We also would like to put your attention on a new project where we will be involved: It is about a very cultish kind of animation shortmovie series up next. Therefore we will also inform about calls for proposals here soon. We will team up with several playscreen writers, animation artists and editors.