File Hosting Service


The "file-storage" service was made available by MAROQQO for clients, pardners and team groups 3 years ago. This filehosting desk and storage service is layered, grouped and seperated by login permissions and passwords. One account can't be accessed by another account. So all files stored can only be accessed by accountholders or people who are sahring the same account. The service was originally made for file exchange purposes with clients or for discussioning certain digital media projectfiles with associates and team groups online in mind. But today it also seems to be useful in general for some folks.

So if you are a friend and in need of an "online disk", or if you are a client, associated, teamed or you are cooperating with us, you can request an account for this service by using our contact survey at

To login to the file hosting service of MAROQQO go here:

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