"Gilmano" Online

Gilmano Website Snapshot

In conclusion to the mentioned connection between MAROQQO and MAURSEGLER, the website to the alter ego "Gilmano", a pseudonym what became noted for filmscores and music productions like for the artist Tara Chase or Seryoga, and which is associated to the musicproducer, composer, filmmaker and founder of MAURSEGLER and MAROQQO, Sebastian Ugowski, was also build by MAROQQO labs of course.

Additionally MAROQQO has build and managed early MySpace -, and Facebook-Fansites as well as diverse other musical social-networks like f.e. last.fm, iLike, reverbnation & more. Momentary his activity as musicproducer has been put a lil' bit behind the present filmprojects of this mulitalented artist and according to his desire we have build a temporary infosite with the most important links to Gilmano in the web. But there's a rumor going around in the musicscene that there are some new things going on from now on. If so, we will definitely update the http://www.gilmano.com website with a new fresh design and new music snippets and great new fantools, fotos and news next time.