Maursegler Online

MAURSEGLER Website Snapshot

There's a simple but logical reason for MAROQQO carrying the website of the filmproduction MAURSEGLER: they are both part of the mentioned enough digital media network in Berlin. But it wasn't as easy as it sounds.

On closer inspection you will see, it was necessary to cope with more than one extraordinary task here. The first was, to build a fact-bound, sober, neat and clear but also teasing frontpage to inform cineasts on one side, but at second, also a site that attracts potentual pardners and film investors. Therefore it was needed to develop an ulterior complex backstage-area for film production tasks, and for scheduling and doc management. And there is no better up-to-date CMS than Drupal to stand such challenges. It's been said that Drupal obstinates in some terms of simple theming tasks but better stands at flexibility and big defiances like those groupware-kind-of web applications we needed for this project. But our Drupal experts don't see any problems on theming with Drupal. Maybe its an stubborn and idle hearsay.

Several development tasks are still in progress (Translations, Newsportal, Connectivity to Cooperate Sites) but the site is already online to mirror MAURSEGLERs activities and to cooperate and communicate with pardners and teams via the site backstage while informing about running projects.