SLO' JAM Online

SLO'JAM Myspace 2005

SLO' JAM, as part of the same network where MAROQQO is connected to, has got many features made by MAROQQO over the last 6-7 years. Artist fanpages, several homepage-versions, cover artwork, flashplayers, ipod stream apps and many many more.

Let's take a quick look at one of the myspace outfits here from 2004 (picture). Yeah, the good old days. Back in these days, when myspace was one of the leading (and first) social networks occupited by the music industry in the world and when the community found out how to change the own pages/profiles on it, a real big run at "pimped" MySpace pages has started, and most of the more known music artists had to make sure, that their myspace page is on top of it.

In these days we have created first a dirty and grunge-styled, Soul and Hip Hop flavoured layout for the SLO' JAM myspace, later another black and shiny one with big smashing picture-banners on top, and have brought SLO' JAM over 4000 new MySpace SLO' JAM fan subscribtions in short time. But that was just one of many things we did for SLO'JAM. SLO'JAM was one of the first independend labels running a full flashsite back in the flashsite-century and got its own branded flash mp3player that has updated its playlists with server-folders around the world automaticly. The flashplayer as hacked and viewable on myspace and otehr sites in the same time using the same playlists and a log file was stored, showing the admin the most played song. Today nothing exiting, back in these days it was a quantum leap.

Momentary, music social networks are more on the way to a clean and lean overall look like facebook, that's fine for us and SLO' JAM, so we have started to concentrate on a new Homepage comin' up next time. It will start parallel with the new Gilmano Website, the pseudonym of the MAROQQO/MAURSEGLER/SLO'JAM founder representing him as a music producer.